Neurun – Two Wheeler Tyres from Bridgestone

Bridgestone India Launches “NEURUN” For The Two-Wheeler Tyre Segment

It is great news for motorcycle and scooters riders. Bridgestone has launched NEURUN the two wheeler tyres in India. India is a growing and one of the largest two wheeler markets in the world. We deserve the attention of the bigger brands. It is estimated that soon we will be at about 150 million two wheelers on the road, and that shows the growth potential, companies have.

The company enjoys a very good reputation with its customers in the passenger and commercial tyres, with the tyres they have been making for cars trucks and off road segments.

Bridgestone was the official tyre sponsor for MotoGP till last year (2015). MotoGP is the top sport for Motorcycle riders. A MotoGP rider can be as fast as 350+ kmph and only piece of rubber that is in contact with road (track), is the tyre. For more 7 years, Bridgestone has been the official sponsor; hence they know the tyre business. I am happy to have a choice of tyres from the company with that kind of expertise.

Bridgestone India announced the launch of its Indian two wheeler tyre brand ‘NEURUN ’ this month in Pune. The company’s mission of ‘Serving Society with Superior Quality’ just got another dimension with the ‘NEURUN ’ brand for motorcycles and scooters.

While speaking on the occasion of the national launch, Mr. Kazuhiko Mimura, Managing Director, Bridgestone India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Bridgestone globally is one of the leading two-wheeler tyre manufacturers, a major OE tyre supplier to major motorcycle manufacturers in the world. The launch of two-wheeler tyre brand ‘NEURUN’ is a big leap for us towards achieving our strategic expansion plan of catering to a high volume market and a wider reach. Our entry into the ever growing two-wheeler market in India will facilitate us in providing a wider product range and services to our customers. We are looking forward to this exciting new phase and hope to expand with the subsequent growth in the market.”

About NEURUN Tyres from Bridgestone

Bridgestone has designed the NEURUN tyres to deliver good grip in wet and dry conditions. The tread pattern is such that it will offer a comfortable and safe ride and at the same provide optimum grip without compromising on the durability. Long life of tyres is one of the key factors when we choose the tyres for our everyday commuting machines, be it a scooter or motorcycle.

The NEURUN tyres will be available in 5 different sizes and 9 different tyre types. With this range, 70% of motorcycle and scooters riders will have an option to choose Bridgestone as their next tyre company. The tyres will be available across the current Bridgestone tyre dealers from August 2016.

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