Custom MV Agusta F4Z by Zagato Atelier

The third international Concours d’Elegance Chantilly Arts & Elegance witnessed the showcase of MV Agusta F4Z. It is the first Atelier motorbike to be created by the historical Milanese coachbuilder in collaboration with the bike manufacturer from Varese.

MV Agusta F4Z Custom

The MV Agusta F4Z’s bodywork was designed and engineered by the zagato team. The bike is made of large panels made from aluminum and carbon fiber. Large panels are generally seen in the car world and this is what sets this F4Z as a collectible. When compared to the production MV Agusta F4, the F4Z can be easily recognized from distance, thanks to the beautiful bodywork on it. Like any other custom project, in this motorcycle also some parts have been re-engineered while other have been completely replaced. Components like intake manifolds, fuel tank, battery, and exhaust system on the MV Agusta F4Z have been specially fabricated. 

MV Agusta F4Z

Zagato Atelier Team on Designing the MV Agusta F4Z 

The F4Z has been designed keeping in mind the taste and lifestyle of its owners. He is a young Japanese and the president of a holding company. His interests vary from fashion to publishing sector. The design team of Zagato Atelier has put in a lot of effort to meet this challenge. They have successfully created a bike that is an extension of its owner’s personality. The team had to understand the character, passion and owner’s interest for whom the bike was created.

The team at Zagato said that the collector or investor who turns to the zagato Atelier requesting an exclusive piece is certainly someone with a strong passion. For this project, the owner has had an interest since the 80’s. He bought his first motorcycle then and customized it himself. His only expectation was to have a timeless design, something that keeps its value and appeal over time and isn’t modern or fashionable.

About MV Agusta

Advanced technology, high performance and unique design mark MV Agusta as an exclusive and a prestigious brand in the world of motorcycling. MV Agusta has won 75 world championships including 37 Manufacturers’ championships and 38 Riders’ championships. MV Augusta makes motorcycles primarily for the Supersport, Superbike, sport-naked and crossover categories. The two main platforms used by the brand are the three and four cylinder engines with a displacement of 675 to 1100 cc.

For MV Agusta, founded in 1945 by Domenico Agusta, the F4Z represents a different result compared to the traditional rules of customization in the motorbike sector, witnessing the brand’s entrance into the niche of collectibles, built on request and expression of exclusivity, uniqueness and investment in durables.

About Zagato

Zagato is an Italian coach building company and is the only company that is still managed by the family of its founder. Zagato has designed the F4Z on MV Agusta’s standard mechanics of F4. This MV Agusta F4Z has been especially designed for Japanese entrepreneur as a collector’s item. The proud owner of this MV Agusta F4Z has a collection of Zagato cars and few Italian motorcycles.

For the company founded by Ugo zagato in 1919, that specialised in light 2 door/2 seat bodies (coupe or spider) right from the start, the MV Agusta F4Z represents instead a digression beyond the car universe, their traditional field of expression. Nowadays zagato is a modern Total design Centre and coach building Atelier, able to blend and balance the most advanced engineering technologies, the use of innovative materials and the traditional workshop production procedures.

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MV Agusta F4Z


MV Agusta F4Z


MV Agusta F4Z

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