EagleRider India to embark on Big Motorcycle Ride

EagleRider India, luxury rental and touring company, today announces its latest endeavor, Big Motorcycle Ride, one of a kind world ride from New Delhi to London.

The Big Motorcycle Ride will see 16 riders journeying through 16 countries over 66 days, celebrating 25 years of EagleRider internationally. The ride will be flagged off from New Delhi on 15th June, 2017 and will culminate in London on 19thAugust, 2017. Registrations for the Big Ride have already begun on the EagleRider India website (www.eagleriderindia.com/wp/bigmotorcycleride/)

Mr. Samar JS Sodhi, Founder Big Motorcycle Company, Franchise Owner EagleRider India said, “Every rider, once in their lifetime aspires to complete the Big Ride. Most bury it under all kinds of excuses; the chosen few decide it’s ‘Now or Never’ and EAGLERIDER India has decided that the time for the ‘Now or Never’ ride is here. EAGLERIDER India, gives you that lifetime opportunity to be part of this Big Motorcycle Ride and live that fantasy.

“I’ve always wanted to go on a world ride and over the years I’ve met a lot of riders who dream to explore the world on their motorcycle. After a lot of discussion and planning, I made up my mind that this dream needs to be fulfilled, not only for myself but help others achieve it. And as they say, ‘If everyone thinks you can’t do it, then you must do it.” Mr. Sodhi added.

For decades, a ride across the world has captured the imagination of riders from all corners of the globe. This June 2017, the ride to explore the unchartered terrains around the globe, will flag off from New Delhi and riders will embark on an epic journey to London and back. The ride is an opportunity for riders who seek to look beyond the ordinary and venture into the unchartered territories in the world.

big motorcycle ride

The Big Motorcycle Ride is an ultimate motorcycling adventure that challenges the riders to travel for more than 20,000 kilometers in scenic vistas, picturesque landscape across international borders and some of the roughest terrains in the world. The riders will ride through Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and going as far as China, Mongolia, and Russia before they ride through Europe to the end-point in London, United Kingdom.

The picturesque mountain passes in the journey coupled with an imposing terrain, dreamlike highways, and high altitude riding, makes this ride a-must for motorcycle junkies. Riders will enjoy multiple food zones of ethnicity and variety which will make them truly experience the flavor of each country. The scenery is almost surreal and presents an experience for motorcyclists looking to travel the road less traveled, explore new topographies and challenge their own capabilities along the way.

EagleRider India seeks to provide its patrons with an unadulterated experience, wherein the dreams come true, enriching the whole riding experience. The Big Motorcycle Ride holds true to its promise of exciting and inspiring motorcyclists making it an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Big Motorcycle Ride Route:  

New Delhi – Nepal – Bhutan – Myanmar –China– Mongolia– Russia– Kazakhstan – Russia – Latvia– Lithuania– Poland – Germany – Netherlands – Belgium – France – United Kingdom.

big motorcycle ride

Big Motorcycle Ride Inclusions (highlights)

  • 12th Dec, 2016 – Registrations open for BigMotorcycleRide onwww.eagleriderindia.com/wp/bigmotorcycleride/
  • Registrations will be open for 16 participants for the BigMotorcycleRide
  • INR Rs. 21 lacs (all inclusive) per rider.
  • All Inclusive | Motorcycle, Return Airfare (New Delhi), Route planning & research, All permits & permissions, All Visas and Visa fees, Chase Vans, Insurance (Motorcycle & Rider), All meals, Accommodation, Medical backup, Riding gear, Fuel, Spares & service.

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