Garage 52 – The Motorcycle Collective

Motorcyclists need a reason to ride, and Garage 52 – The Motorcycle Collective will be one of the reasons to meet, greet, pair and repair your bike when you are in Mumbai. Garage 52 is the home to JcMoto, Helmet Stories and Mario’s Garage. It has been found to cater to one’s motorcycle needs under one roof; one can rent a lift to work on their own motorcycles or catch up with fellow bikers to share their ride stories. 

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The crew at Garage 52 will help riders pick up skills like welding, putting the electrical wiring right and even metal fabrication. It would help improve motorcycle building/repairing skills in a fun, relaxed, conducive environment of anyone who wants to learn. If working on the bike does not sound like a plan then one can hang out with other motorcyclists, plan some rides to exotic locations or just have a cup of coffee. On the weekends Garage 52 will be a space for many other things like music, photography and art to start with. While at Garage 52 one can 

  • Rent a Bike 
  • Rent a Lift  or
  • Park their bike overnight
Garage_52The People Behind Garage 52
Mario has been raised in Bandra, his father is an established Motorcycle mechanic, who ran Mumbai’s first Triumph and Lamberetta dealerships. And Mario followed in his footsteps and his  career as a motorcycle mechanic spans over 35 years. He’s seen and fixed the insides of almost every single motorcycle on Indian soil, and his restorations on vintage and classic motorcycles is not short of perfect.
 Harsh Man Rai and Vir Nakai formed Helmet Stories an adventure travel company and are experienced motorcycle travellers who met while being filmed in Ladakh for “The Road Trip” a 10-part television serial on what compels different people to get on a motorcycle and ride off into the blue yonder. After spending many miles on the road together they decided to focus on motorcycle touring and adventure travel. Thus Helmet Stories was born. visit them at 
Joshua Crasto is an unusual hybrid of automotive journalist, bike and car road tester, airplane pilot, travel guide and motorcycle builder and go-to guy. He loves all things mechanical, and will take apart and rebuild anything that comes with a motor. His career has taken him down different paths, but the one thing that ties all those paths together is a set of wheels. He is a forerunner in an industry that has, for far too long, been shy of risk-taking. But he hopes to change that with
Garage 52 is hidden in a small lane at the end of Bandra in the Chuim Village.

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