Harley Davidson Street 750 – Ready for the Streets?

Streets are where we ride and Harley Davidson Street 750 seems just the right machine on paper for riding through the streets in India. When Harley Davidson launched the street 750 at the EICMA motor show in 2013, automotive journalists from USA, UK and other developed countries called it the poor man’s Harley. Last week, we got the opportunity to touch, feel, and ride the machine. To start with the looks of Street 750 impressed us but only from 20 yards, hence for us its the “20 yard” beauty.

The Street 750 has a super grunty and peppy engine. It is ready to roll, right when you shift into the first gear but the brakes just didn’t give us the feel that it would stop in time. The clutch feels is not too soft and just right to ride through the city without working out the forearm. The seat is well cushioned which is good for long rides. Don’t we just want that from a cruiser motorcycle? What really caught our attention was the all black paint job with chrome highlights in the alloy wheels. It was the focal point while we walked around it.

The motorbike that had us from 20 yards didn’t give us that feeling when we saddled up. The black paint job now seemed boring and bland from the helmet view. It was like the more we knew it, the more we hated it.The hub where handle bars are bolted had a shoddy paint job, remained us of the paint that gets chipped after years. The foot pegs look like they are from the era of bajaj caliber or the boxer. The wiring all around is exposed and definitely does not meet the quality one would expect especially from Harley Davidson. The wiring seems to be just put in there after the complete assembly of the motorcycle, see in pictures the exposed wiring around handle bars, horn unit, and engine unit.

The Street 750 is definitely generating interest in the first time riders, the one who want to experience the premium motorcycles but we think it would not hold their interest for long. In the long run, we see a lot of used Street 750’s on sale. From what we saw, what we felt, we think it’s an elder sibling of Royal Enfield.

About Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson Street™ 750 (from their website)

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 motorcycle is a 749cc liquid-cooled Harley-Davidson motorcycle built for urban riding. The Street 750 motorcycle features an all new, liquid-cooled Revolution X V-Twin engine made for excellent performance. Tight turns and fast moves on city streets are easy on the Street 750 urban motorcycle thanks to the easy lock-to-lock sweep of its handle bars, light weight, low 25.4-inch seat height and midmount controls. The Street 750 street custom motorcycle also features a 59.5-inch wheelbase which also makes for easy handling on urban streets. The Harley-Davidson Street 750motorcycle is built for urban riders with a specially tuned suspension and a skinny 17-inch front wheel designed especially to get urban riders over and around rough urban infrastructure. The Street 750 motorcycle with its 749cc blacked out liquid cooled Revolution X engine is a Dark Custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle with stripped down custom attitude and an aggressive blacked-out look. This 749cc liquid-cooled Harley-Davidson Dark Custom motorcycle is authentic, premium Harley-Davidson through and through. The 750cc engine and all-black two into one exhaust deliver authentic, soul-satisfying Harley-Davidson sound. The teardrop tank and fenders on the Street 750 motorcycle are real steel. The Street 750 motorcycle street custom machine has aggressive blacked out styling everywhere you look. There’s a black café inspired speed screen, black cast aluminum wheels, black two into one exhaust, black fork gaiters, black pull back buckhorns. As an example of the premium Harley-Davidson features built into this urban motorcycle, check out the new chrome tank medallion and the premium Harley-Davidson paint. The Street 750 motorcycle will bring liquid cooled Harley-Davidson Dark Custom style and attitude to young urban riders around the globe.

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