Round 4, Suzuki Gixxer Cup 2015

Suzuki Motorcycles India started the Gixxer Cup, early this year. The fourth race of this season was held at Madras Motor Race Track in Chennai. The Gixxer cup is an initiative of Suzuki Motorcycles, organised by MMSC and has been approved by FMSCI. It is a one make race wherein all the riders saddle up on Suzuki Gixxer SF that have recieved lot of upgrades, especially for brakes, handling and performance. The riders have contributed towards the development of the machines with positive feedback about the upgrades.

Round 4 concluded on Sep 8. 2015 at the Madras Motor Race Track

At the grand stand, the spectator count reached over 200 including Suzuki Gixxer customers and fans. The crowd encouraged the riders to do better. On this occasion, a lucky winner received the special edition Suzuki Gixxer helmet as part of the lucky draw. The qualifying practice was filled with action and the race had exciting results.

Suzuki Gixxer SFIn the first open race (for riders above 23 years of age), Ananth Raj was on the top step of the podium while Abhishek V in second, who finished just 0.09 seconds behind Ananth.

Open class championship standings have not changed, Ananth has his lead over Abhishek, and five riders are fighting for the third position with 3 riders within 5 points of each other.

The riders in the Novice category (Below 23 years) fought for a win till the finish line in the first race. Amarnath Menon came on top, and finished the race 0.068 seconds ahead of Vishwadev Muraleerdharan. In the second race, Vishwadev made his final move in the final corner to take victory. Vishwadev now leads the novice championship with Amarnath trailing him by 2 points.

Suzuki Gixxer, Suzuki Gixxer CupResults from Round 4:

  1. Open Race 1
    Laps: 6
    1st: Ananth Raj 13:26.284
    2nd: Abhishek V 13:26.374
    3rd: Sathish Kumar 13:26.889
    Best Lap: Vivian Gladwin David 2:12.131 (101.2 kmph)
  2. Open Race 2
    Laps: 6
    1st: Ananth Raj
    2nd: Sathish Kumar
    3rd: Vivian Gladwin David
    Best Lap: Meka Vidhuraj 2:11.523 (101.7 kmph)
  3. Novice Race 1
    Laps: 6 (Small Lap)
    1st: Amarnath Menon 7:43.899
    2nd: Vishwadev Muraleedharan 7:43.967
    3rd: Malsawndawngliana 7:50.896
    Best Lap: Vishwadev Muraleedharan 1:15.534 (100.1 kmph)
  4. Novice Race 2
    Laps: 6 (Small Lap)
    1st: Vishwadev Muraleedharan 7:49.705
    2nd: Amarnath Menon 7:49.789
    3rd: Ajeesh A 8:05.880
    Best Lap: Vishwadev Muraleedharan 1:16.941 (98.3 kmph)

The Executive Vice President of SMIPL, said that they are excited to announce the final round for the 2015 season at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida. This bring the race and excitement to northern India, and the presence of the legendary racing icon Kevin Schwantz the 500cc Grand Prix World Champion of 1993 and a die-hard Team Suzuki rider for decades! Suzuki racers, customers and fans will have an opportunity to meet and interact with him on the race day.

In three weeks time, the Suzuki Gixxer Cup 2015 is coming to North India at the Buddh International Circuit. Stay tuned and we will get you the update!

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