Suzuki Motorcycles India Celebrated Hayabusa Day

Suzuki India joined the other global communities to celebrate the Hayabusa Day

Hayabusa Day’ is observed on 23rd August in Japan, with Hayabusa owners coming together to celebrate the legendary bike that is the Suzuki GSX1300R. In India, Suzuki Two wheelers celebrated the Hayabusa day on Sunday i.e. August 21, ahead of its Japanese counterparts. Suzuki owners in their own cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Bhubaneshwar, Ahmedabad and Mumbai rode together to celebrate the iconic bike Suzuki Hayabusa’s day.

History of Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa was first introduced by the Japanese manufacturer in 1999. The bike went onto become an Iconic motorcycle for generations since its launch. Even today, when a kid spots a big bike zooming past, Hayabusa is the initial guess. The first generation Suzuki Hayabusa had a 1299cc liquid cooled inline 4 engine that made a whopping 173 bhp. The Suzuki Hayabus of 1999 was capable of doing speeds of upto 310kmph.

Suzuki had brought the Hayabusa to the market to claim victory over Honda’s CBR1100XX Super Blackbird.  Honda Super Blackbird was the fastest production motorcycle until then. Koji Yoshirua is the creator of Hayabusa design. Their mission was to create a total new styling that would not go out of style for few years. Well, the design has definitely achieved that. The bike is still 90% of its original design and face of Suzuki in the motorcycling world.

Suzuki Hayabusa Day India
Suzuki Hayabusa Day in Bangalore, India

How does GSX1300R gets the name Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa was named after the Peregrine Falcon bird. This bird is a synonym for speed. It can reach a speed of upto 202 miles per hour when it dives vertically for hunting. So naming the GSX1300R as Hayabusa makes all the sense, after all it was the fastest production bike for years.

Hayabusa Day in India

To celebrate the Hayabusa Day in India, the company gifted the riders with a black Hayabusa T-shirt as a memorabilia. Suzuki Motorcycles India wants to increase the brand awareness and riding culture in our country. With so many Hayabusa motorcycles on road at one time and in 8 cities, they surely created the buzz.

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Here are the pictures for you to enjoy!

Suzuki Hayabusa Day India
Suzuki Hayabusa Day in Mumbai, India


Suzuki Hayabusa Day India
Suzuki Hayabusa Day in Delhi, India


Suzuki Hayabusa Day India
Suzuki Hayabusa Day India

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