Suzuki Motorcycles Wins the Inaugural India Baja

Suzuki Motorcycles wins the inaugural edition of India Baja
with CS Santosh and Joshua Pramod!

Suzuki Motorcycles India Private Limited (SMIPL), a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan began its off-road adventures this year on a high note, taking top spot in the Moto and third overall on the Quad at the inaugural India Baja 2016!
Baja, one of the most popular forms of off-road racing, involves 24 hours of racing on dirt tracks measuring more than 300 kilometres and poses the additional challenge of night racing, which changes the nature of the game significantly.


Suzuki RMX450Z
CS Santosh wins the debut edition of India Baja 2016 on Suzuki RMX450Z


India’s top rally-raid rider, CS Santosh, piloted his Suzuki RMX450Z to deliver an incredible performance to win the Moto category of India Baja by a massive margin of over 58 minutes, representing Suzuki Motorcycles India.

“A perfect way to start the new year is to win the first ever Baja to be held in the country! Winning it on a brand-new Suzuki RMX450Z straight out of the crate makes it even more special for me. The 2016 model is a flawless machine with great handling and an amazing top speed,” said the Bangalore-based rider. “I feel that this form of off-road racing has huge potential in a country like India because it’s very competitor friendly and does not put too much strain on the resources of the participants. I hope this format of off-road racing grows in the country,” added CS Santosh.

To add to that, Santosh’s team partner Joshua Pramod took his Suzuki Quadsport Z400 to finish third in the Overall Time classification as well!


Suzuki Quadsport 450
Joshua Promod on Suzuki Quadsport 450 at India Baja 2016


Joshua Pramod said, “I have never been on an ATV in my life, and the first time I sat on the Suzuki Quadsport Z400 was literally at the start line! Basic training from Suzuki officials and guidance from CS Santosh got me started and then the trust and confidence in the Suzuki kept me going! The Quadsport Z400 has an amazing motor, is responsive like a motorcycle and comfortable as well. I’d love to compete again with a bit more preparation next time!”


Suzuki Quadsport Z400
Joshua Pramod at India Baja 2016 on Suzuki Quadsport Z400


The Quadsport Z400 is a great Sport-ATV for high-performance off-roading with a sporty chassis, torque-d performance, smooth power-output and throttle response thanks to Suzuki fuel injection and other cutting edge technologies borrowed from the Suzuki superbikes.

The overall times for the event were as follows:
1. CS Santosh – Suzuki RMX450Z – 4:19:17

2. Jes David – 5:17:39

3. Joshua Pramod – Suzuki Quadsport Z400 – 6:07:25
Suzuki clearly dominated the proceedings with 2 of the top 3 overall positions!

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