Triumph Motorcycles Celebrated the Independence Day with a Ride for Freedom

Triumph Motorcycles India, celebrated India’s 69th Independence Day in partnership with Smile Foundation by bringing its owners together as one for a ‘Ride for Freedom’.

Triumph Independence Day Ride 3The Independence day started early for more than 300 Triumph owners for the ‘Ride for Freedom’. We motorcycle riders, understand freedom very well. Whenever we are out there riding our motorcycles, we feel freedom, from the shackles of life and in that moment, we only feel free! The ride was organized to support the ‘Right to Education’ for girls who do not have the freedom or privilege to study. Triumph owners from 12 different cities participated in the ride in their own cities. Each rider donated money for this noble cause, contributing a sum ranging from INR 500-4200. The funds that have been collected will be used to bear the education expenses of a girl child through Smile Foundation.

Today, Triumph motorcycles have dealerships in 12 cities and has grown really fast and has approx 2000 customers in India. Smile Foundation is actively working in fields of healthcare, education and livelihood of children along with undertaking women empowerment programs.

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